Coffee Doesn’t Talk

Coffee Doesn't Talk

Coffee Doesn’t Talk

No coffee doesn’t talk, but nothing says “coffee” like “espresso.” But if it could describe itself, it might be something like, “You want some real coffee, Paisan? You use instant coffee? Fuhgeddaboudit! I’ll tell ya’ what you do. Take some of my cousins, the Beans. Ya, coffee beans. Don’t be a wise guy. I’m trying to help ya’ out here. Now grind them really fine. Put them in a little basket sort of thing that looks like a colander from a dollhouse. It’s called a portafilter basket. Now attach that to a machine that can heat water and then it can pump the water through that coffee with a lot of pressure. Like 135 pounds per square inch. You bet, that’s a lot of pressure. And if you do all that right you get a cup of pure coffee joy.

Talking coffee can’t really help you out, but we can. Espresso is all that a cup of coffee can be, but it takes special equipment to make it. You need an espresso machine and a grinder, and then add some experience and practice. Not a detail-oriented person? Don’t enjoy the process but you do want to enjoy a good cup of coffee? Then try a super-automatic espresso machine. Just put in beans and water and with the push of a button the machines does all that work for you.

Give us a call and let us help you choose the machine that best fits your needs. And we promise, no talking coffee beans. Just some straight talk to get you on the road to great coffee.

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