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3 Benefits of Drinking French Press Coffee You Didn’t Know

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The way you brew coffee makes a big difference in the taste of the coffee itself. This is the reason why some people prefer certain brewing methods or processes over others. People become accustomed to the way their coffee tastes and hence find it quite difficult to let go of a particular brewing method.

Most of us are used to drinking espresso made with espresso machines or regular brewed drip coffee from the coffee stands or the powdery coffee that originates from instant coffee packs. If you happen to be a frequent visitor of fine dining restaurants, then you are perhaps familiar with the French press coffee that is often served in most of these eateries. French press coffee is made using the French press pot and it has its own distinct taste which is quite different from the drip coffee.

The important thing to note here is that French press coffee does not only differ in taste from regular drip coffee, but also in the effects that it has on the human body. Changing the brewing method can bring about a change in the caffeine content of the coffee. In the case of French press coffee, the coffee grounds are steeped in hot, just under boiling water. This causes the coffee to have a richer and fuller flavor along with a darker hue as compared to the drip coffee where water simply passes through the grounds in an auto or manual drip system. In simple words, the French press pot brings out the best in the coffee grounds while the drip brewers fall short in terms of flavor and caffeine content.

Caffeine is known to be beneficial to the body in more than one way. Considering the fact that French Press Coffee is generally very high in caffeine, it holds three extremely important health benefits for us that you probably were not aware of.

1) French Press Coffee and Parkinson’s disease in Men

Recent studies have revealed that the caffeine in coffee has the potential to reduce the risk of Parkinson’s disease. This is the reason why drinking French press coffee more often than drip coffee can turn out to be extremely helpful in preventing Parkinson’s disease.

The study was a long term research that was conducted by the Honolulu Heart Program. The research was carried out on more than 8,000 Japanese-American men over a time span of more than 30 years. When the reports of the research finally materialized in the year 2000, it was revealed that the men who consumed the most coffee were at the lowest risk of having Parkinson’s disease while those who refrained from coffee were 5 times more likely to be affected by the dangerous disease.

Unfortunately, women are not known to reap the same benefits from drinking caffeine rich French press coffee as men do.

2) French Press Coffee and Heart Disease

There is good news for people who are always enshrouded with apprehensions about a heart attack. Drinking French press coffee may just keep you safe from heart disease. A research conducted in the year 2007 by Brooklyn College in New York City showed that people aged 65 and above with a higher caffeine intake were less likely to be affected by heart disease and were also at a lower risk of suffering death from heart related complications. In other words, senior citizens who drink less caffeine loaded coffee are at a greater risk.

3) French Press Coffee and Alzheimer’s Disease

In 2011, researchers proved that the antioxidants in caffeine are able to combat or negate the effects of free radicals that expose you to the risk of acquiring Alzheimer’s disease. In other words, people who have French press coffee as an essential part of their daily diet are less likely to suffer from Alzheimer’s at later stages of their lives.

Given how serious Parkinson’s disease, heart diseases and Alzheimer’s disease has become, it does seem like a smart choice to receive your daily dose of caffeine from a cup of warm, steaming and delectable French press coffee.

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