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There are several factors that contribute to making a great espresso, including: Quality of the coffee beans: The quality of the coffee beans is the most important factor in making a great espresso. The beans should be fresh, high-quality, and roasted to perfection. Grind size: The size of the grind

The groundbreaking Z10 for hot and cold brew specialty coffee A masterpiece of Swiss design & engineering, the new Jura Z10 doubles the range of coffee drinks. At the touch of a button, the Z10 prepares a variety of hot coffee drinks from intense espresso to trendy flat white. The

We are very excited about the Jura Z6, our new state-of-the-art espresso machine, and, in inspiration, we would like to share the story of espresso and how it came to be: basically, the Jura Z6’s raison d’être. Italians were drinking coffee two and a half centuries before espresso appeared.  Coffee

In our first installment, we shared many different types of drinks that can be made using espresso.  From pure espresso shots to drinks such as the café bombon that adds sweetened condensed milk to espresso, use the Jura Z6 to create a drink whose memory will last a lifetime. Now

Do you know the difference between a caffe cubano and a cappuccino?  Or maybe an espresso romano and a flat white?  If you do, we applaud you.  Espresso is used to make lots of different drinks, so we understand that it can be confusing at times trying to distinguish between

This is part two of our two-part series on the history of espresso. You can jump right in if you want, but we recommend you take a look at part one first. The Milan Fair and Beyond Following the Milan Fair in 1906, others began to manufacture espresso machines all

First, let’s make it clear what espresso is. It isn’t a bean or a blend, and it isn’t a type of roast. Espresso is a preparation method which forces pressurized hot water over coffee grounds, and produces a highly-concentrated form of coffee with a deep and potent flavor. You could

Espresso Some people don’t know what an espresso is. Some might think it is just another word used to describe a cup of coffee. But, unlike joe or java, espresso is not just another synonym for coffee. An espresso is a strong black coffee made from steam. The name espresso

Coffee is delicious—there is no doubt about it. And there is a lot of information out there about the down side and good side about drinking coffee. Bottom line is—everything that you consume needs to be in good proportion. Too much of something isn’t good, and neither is too little

As decades go by, coffee drinking has been evolving into an art. The art of making and drinking coffee has evolved to enable even non-coffee drinkers to savor a cup of luxurious coffees every now and then. This magic bean has become a lifestyle necessity, as well as a welcoming