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Coffee for Beauty

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Coffee is delicious—there is no doubt about it. And there is a lot of information out there about the down side and good side about drinking coffee. Bottom line is—everything that you consume needs to be in good proportion. Too much of something isn’t good, and neither is too little of something, and there are also some things that should never, ever be consumed.

Coming back to coffee and its known benefits, apart from being high in antioxidants, coffee also has some amazing TLC for skin. Coffee grounds have a long list of amazing uses, apart from nourishing the body and mind in the wee hours of the morning.

Coffee is a great addition to your beauty routine. Here are some excellent ways you can incorporate your morning java into your daily beauty practices.

For Beautiful Eyes

Puffy eyes and dark under-eye circles are often the result of less sleep, stress at work, family obligations, driving, and pollution. The next time you make coffee, save the coffee grounds from your morning pot and set them aside to cool. Once the grounds have cooled, apply them to your under-eye area and eye lids. If you have the time in the morning, soak in a bath for 20 minutes, and then rinse the grounds off with cool water. This can be done when you come back home, as well. Just remember to save the grounds!

For Minimizing Cellulite

This is pretty much general knowledge in the world of home beauty remedies. Coffee has been known to eliminate the appearance of cellulite. Save enough of your coffee grounds to make a scrub. Mix coffee grounds with brown sugar and some honey, and massage it to your skin. This helps exfoliate the skin and stimulate blood flow—hence tightening the skin in the process.

For Beautiful Hair

Did you know that coffee can be used for your hair? Mix your used coffee grounds, together with your regular conditioner, and let it sit on your hair for at least 10 minutes. This mask darkens your hair color but creates a natural shine and a deeper color for those with black, brown, or brunette hair. Coffee grounds have also been proven to stimulate hair growth. Coffee is also a great exfoliation remedy for hair. Ground coffee massaged into the scalp removes product build-up, eliminates dandruff, and leaves hair with a healthy shine. On a wet scalp, apply ground coffee and massage into hair for at least 60 seconds. Shampoo and condition as per normal after you have rinsed the coffee off.

For Glowing Skin

Just like brown sugar, coffee, too, is an extremely popular ingredient for scrubs due to its texture. Coffee is a great natural exfoliator. Using a coffee scrub also enables the caffeic acid found in coffee to penetrate the skin and boost collagen production. Coffee with a bit of coconut oil is a quick scrub to make from ingredients found in your pantry.

For Brighter Skin

Perk up tired looking skin with a cup of joe. Just like how coffee stimulates the neurons in your body, coffee can also do the same for your face. Once a week, mix organic plain yogurt with some coffee grounds and apply it to your face. Leave this mask on for at least 15 minutes, and then rinse of with cool water. Caffeine in coffee helps to stimulate skin, while improving overall circulation. This enhances the skin, leaving it naturally radiant, with a glowing complexion.

For Improved Blood Circulation

Coffee can rejuvenate skin in a jiffy! Keep some leftover coffee in an ice tray to freeze. You’ll get coffee cubes, which then can be used to gently rub on your face and eye area. This increases blood circulation. Do this every morning for a fresh pick-me up for tired skin.

For Smooth Feet

An all-natural foot scrub is a great way to smooth your weary feet. Whip up a DIY coconut coffee foot scrub in under a minute, and you are on your way to soft and smooth feet. Coconut and coffee is filled with antioxidants. The coconut oil provides excellent moisturizing properties to soften feet. Prepare this by using one cup of virgin coconut oil, adding in half a cup of ground coffee and a few drops of vanilla extract that will make everything smell heavenly. Blend this together till it forms a smooth paste. In a tub of warm soapy water, soak your feet with this paste for 15 minutes.

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