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Introducing the Jura J95 Carbon

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1st in Coffee proudly introduces the Jura J95 Carbon. It’s the first Jura automatic coffee machine to incorporate a stunning hand finished carbon front panel. This is the same finish used to detail high-end German sports cars. The J95 also features a wide color display that combines graphics and text. Individuals find it easy to use, as one simply selects a drink choice and presses a button for a refreshing beverage in less than one minute. See the Jura J95 Carbon here and learn more about the amazing features of this incredible machine.

Carbon Finish

Everyone who sees this machine falls in love, as it has so much to offer in one simple to use device. In addition, every customer who opts to purchase the Jura J95 Carbon receives a free case of illy coffee. Be sure to check it out today.

Key features of the machine include one touch operation, height adjustable spouts, professional grinder and fine foam technology. Individuals choose a variety of specialty drinks including espresso, cappuccino and latte. Each can be directly prepared into the serving cup at the touch of a button. Users love the adjustable spouts, as they can choose the size of the beverage they desire and the fine foam provides creamy consistency and subtle sweetness.

The color display with rotary selection makes it easy for anyone to choose their desired drink, as the rotary switch guides you through a list of drinks. Once the desired specialty coffee is selected, the machine goes to work. Furthermore, users find they can select wallpaper for the display. Simple touches such as this help this machine stand out in the crowd, and there are numerous other features one is sure to appreciate, such as the large 73-ounce water tank.

Very few things are as frustrating as going to make a drink only to find the machine is out of one or more items. With the Jura J95 Carbon, this is never an issue. The machine alerts the user when it’s time to fill beans, add water and more. In addition, it incorporates an automatic cleaning function, great for people who are busy and don’t have the time to disassemble their unit for a thorough cleaning.

Individuals interested in learning more about this machine should pay a visit to our website. Currently, the Jura J95 Carbon is available exclusively at 1st in Coffee. Don’t miss out, as you’ll love what the Jura J95 can do.

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