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Why You Should Make the Switch to Gourmet Coffee

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Unfortunately, there are many people who refuse to try gourmet coffee because it sounds elitist, or they think that it is a scam, but those people are missing out on some of the delicious flavors that higher quality coffee has to offer. Plus, there are some other benefits that gourmet coffee provides that others may be missing out on. Give gourmet coffee a try, and we promise that you won’t regret it.

What Is Gourmet Coffee?

The term “gourmet coffee” is subjective, but it generally refers to coffee that has been grown, processed, roasted, and packaged with special care to ensure higher quality than that of regular coffee. When flavors are added, such as chocolate or caramel, the coffee is given a unique taste that can also be considered gourmet. It may sound like any coffee can be given the title “gourmet” and be sold to unsuspecting consumers, but most coffee places won’t do this. Why? Because then their credibility is on the line. Most people take pride in their work and won’t risk losing their customer’s trust by claiming it to be something that it isn’t.

Is Gourmet Coffee a Scam?

Many people refuse to pay a slightly higher price for gourmet coffee because they assume that they are being scammed. However, consider the process it takes to create gourmet coffee. When coffee is grown, processed, and roasted with special care and techniques, it often means that it cost more to make than regular coffee. For this reason, it makes sense that the price may be a little higher. It doesn’t mean that gourmet coffee prices are unreasonable or a scam. Those who have tried gourmet coffee and enjoyed it far better than regular coffee from the grocery store have found that the small price hike is worth it.

The Difference Between Gourmet Coffee and Regular Coffee

Everyone who has tasted the two should be able to tell a clear difference; otherwise we suspect that the gourmet coffee isn’t truly gourmet. There are key differences between gourmet and regular coffee. While most cheap coffee beans are born of the Robusta plant, gourmet coffee beans will come from the Arabica plant, which is a more valuable species of coffee plant. In order to carry the difference in taste, the farming, processing, and roasting processes are careful and precise. If the coffee company does it correctly, the result should be superior-tasting coffee beans.

The Health Benefits of Gourmet Coffee

Whether you are drinking regular or gourmet, research has shown that coffee has some serious health benefits, but those who drink gourmet may be healthier. While there are no scientific studies that prove gourmet coffee to be healthier, there are some key reasons for why those who drink it tend to be healthier. Let’s explore the reasons for this:

Those Who Drink Gourmet Tend to Skip the Bad Additives

Of course, most of us are not drinking coffee simply because of the health benefits. We drink it because we love the taste! Gourmet coffee drinkers may appreciate the taste more, which is why they choose gourmet over regular coffee. In order to clearly taste the difference, they are less likely to put sugar, syrup, cream, and other bad-for-you additions that can make coffee an unhealthy splurge.

It Is Usually Organic

Gourmet coffee companies are typically pretty serious about every step of the process, from farming to roasting. Because of the special care that gourmet coffee beans are given, they are usually less exposed to pesticides and other harmful substances.

It’s Easier on the Stomach

Good news for those who have stomach issues such as acid reflux—gourmet coffee may be easier on your stomach. All coffee is acidic, and it plays a role in the flavor of the coffee. However, gourmet coffee uses Arabica coffee beans rather than Robusta coffee beans. Arabica coffee beans are less acidic than Robusta beans and are therefore much easier on the digestive system. Anyone who has a sensitive digestive system should try illy Medium Grind Dark Roast, because darker roasts tend to be the least acidic.

Give Gourmet Coffee a Try

Those who want to drink bland coffee from the grocery store are free to do so, but we hope that every coffee lover gives gourmet coffee a try. The quality and care that is put into gourmet coffee makes a difference, and we guarantee that coffee lovers won’t look back once they make the switch.

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