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The Ongoing Story of the Mad Little Coffee Bean

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Capresso Grand Aroma Whole Bean Coffee works very well with our Jura Capresso and Saeco coffee machines. Capresso coffee is roasted in Switzerland from some of the finest coffee beans grow in Africa, Central and South America. Torrefazione Settebello is roasted in Italy.

A unique blend of premium beans, Swiss precision-roasted for a rich, smooth aroma with a velvety flavor.

Available in three roasts: Swiss, Espresso & Decaf. 6.6 pounds (Twelve 
8.8 oz vacuum sealed bags).

Here are a few little known facts you may not know about the small coffee cherry seed, largely known by the name of coffee bean.

The pre-Christian goat, that lived in Felix Arabia (commonly known as Ethiopia) 1,000 years B.C., said to be the first soul ever to chew a coffee bean;

The educated imam that, seeing the overall happiness of the aforementioned, proceeded to further experiments using coffee beans and water;

The Ottoman Turks that introduced coffee in Constantinople and urged to open the first coffee shop in history (around the year 1475);

A sultan, tried to forbid cultivation of coffee;

Pope Clement VIII  baptized the coffee bean, in order to make God indulgent towards Christian coffee consumers;

Captain John Smith shipped an important coffee stock over the Atlantic, to North America.

Italian people, who established the first coffee house in Europe.

Baba Budan, an Indian fellow that managed to steel some fertile coffee beans and ship them out the Arabian territory.

Louis the XIV, that wanted the Dutch people to pay him a favor they owed him with one coffee tree specimen;

The skilled botanists from the court of Louis XIV, that assembled the first European greenhouse in order to cultivate and perpetuate the coffee tree;

A French naval officer stole a fertile seed from France and shipped it to Martinique, the island that generously spread the coffee plant to the world;

The rebels of the Boston Tea Party in 1773, who proclaimed coffee as national beverage;

Achiles Gaggia, in Italy of the year 1946, who perfected Luigi Bezzera’s great 1903 invention: the espresso machine.

At 1st In Coffee we feature espresso beans, espresso machines, coffee grinders, frothers and the finest espresso beans – illy and Lavazza.
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