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6 Steps to Perfect Your Coffee Routine Just in Time for Back-to-school

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Back to school season is stressful enough under normal circumstances. With all the unpredictability that is the year 2020, we’ll take all the help we can get.

I don’t know about you, but if I hear the phrase “during these unprecedented times,” I might just lose my mind. That being said, a little normalcy and consistency can go a long way! Here are 6 easy steps to streamline your coffee routine.

Step #1: Plan and Prep

Mornings are hectic enough already. The last thing you need is to risk getting stuck in an endless drive thru line for your morning pick-me-up. By planning ahead and making your own coffee, you can spend more time in bed and less money from your wallet. Sprinkle a dose of fun in your day by planning new blends, flavors, and coffee styles to try. Check out these posts for inspiration:

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Step #2: Get Stocked

Something about having all my ingredients stocked and ready to go makes waking up early infinitely easier. The excitement of trying a new coffee recipe gives me something to look forward to when all I want to do is slap that snooze button.

Load up your shopping list with your favorite coffee beans, any flavored syrups you’ve been dying to test out, and your choice of creamer. While you’re at it, grab a package of those black and white sandwich cookies we all know and love. I’ve recently upgraded from dipping them in milk to DIPPING THEM IN COFFEE. Go on and give it a try, it’s delightful!

Step #3: Clean Your Gear

I know, I know! Cleaning = blah, but alas, it must be done. In a perfect world, you’d have time, motivation, and discipline to clean your coffee equipment immediately after using it. However, most days, that just isn’t realistic. But you shouldn’t let that get in the way of keeping your coffee gear sparkling. Cleaning your coffee gear regularly is crucial for both the overall flavor of your drink and your health.

According to a study by NSF International, your coffee maker may actually be one of the dirtiest things in your house! The 2011 study tested various surfaces in 22 households, and 50% of the coffee makers showed yeast and mold growth. Yuck!

Fortunately, they’re easy to clean when you have the right tools. I discovered a product called Cafiza in my barista days. It’s primarily used in espresso machines, but I used it for just about everything that touched tea or coffee because it cleaned better than anything else.

Cafiza is specially formulated to break down coffee oils and residue that other cleaning methods can leave behind. Just a small amount of the powder and water can leave your equipment sparkling without any scrubbing. Just thoroughly rinse with hot water and be on your way.

Step #4: Set Up Your Space

As with most routines, the key to a seamless morning starts the night before. Once your gear, gadgets, and ingredients are ready, it’s time to set up your space for the morning. Pre-measure your beans, fill your water reservoir if you have one, and lay out your favorite mug.

While I’m all about prepping your space, don’t grind your beans ahead of time if you don’t have to. Waiting to grind the beans until right before you brew preserve flavor and freshness.

Step 5: Brew Away – You already know what to do. But if you don’t, check out our helpful how-tos here!

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If you can spare a few seconds, use that time to take in the aroma, meditate, and set your intentions for the day. It may seem a bit woo-woo, but carving out a little head space in the mornings can have a tremendous impact on your day.

Step #6: Grab and Go –  Few things set me up for greatness, like enjoying my coffee and breakfast at a leisurely pace. However, for many of us, myself included, those moments are few and far between. When you need the next best thing, pour your coffee into this outstanding travel mug from Capresso. I love this one because its slim base fits perfectly in my car cup holders. I don’t have to worry about the cup rattling around and spilling my liquid gold on the drive, adding to the already mile-long list of things I need to clean.

Bonus: your grown-up school supply list:

I’ve put together a list of must-have gear to optimize your coffee routine and help the school-year go smoothly. In short, clean your equipment, caffeinate, and let’s do our best to stay off the Hot Mess Express this school year.

The 15 Best Espresso Machines

Cafiza 20 oz. jar Espresso Machine Cleaner

Capresso Travel Mug

Capresso CM300 Programmable Thermal Coffee Maker

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