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Drip Coffee vs Espresso + Marley Coffee and The Jura Capresso Espresso Machine

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By: Kara Mae Adamo

1st in Coffee offers a number of delicious blends and coffee makers to choose from. Each one of our delicious blends is a medley of flavor from several different varieties, creating a premium beverage as complex and sophisticated as it is pleasantly aromatic and expressive. Every individual bean is inspected before being added to these decadent roasts before it is evenly browned, ensuring that each and every one of them adds something delightful unique to your blend.

Our classically prepared filtered coffee, often called “Drip Coffee”, is created by pouring water over roasted ground coffee beans. As the water seeps through the coffee, it absorbs its oils and essences, bringing out the rich subtleties and aromas in each bean. The water passes through the bottom of the filter and rips into a collecting vessel like a carafe or pot.

Our Italian-styled espresso, on the other hand, is a far more concentrated beverage that is brewed by forcing a small amount of boiling through finely ground coffee that is held under pressure. Espresso is thicker and is topped with a rich and flavorful crema. Often times, the crema will be flavored with a lemon twist.

Because espresso has a high concentration of solids and flavors, it is the base for many other drinks (such as lattes, cappuccino, macchiato and mochas). Espresso has more caffeine per unit of volume than most beverages. Typically, however, it is served in single-shot doses, so it actually winds up only consisting of a third of the total caffeine of your standard after-dinner drink. At 1st in Coffee, we are currently featuring Marley Coffee’s One Love blend.

Marley Coffee(http://www.marleycoffee.com/one-love-whole-bean-organic-coffee-(12-oz-)-by-marley-coffee/299598) One Love, a tilt-of-the-hat to one of Marley’s most widely acclaimed songs, is a well-rounded, brightly acidic coffee made of 100% Ethiopian Yirgacheffe. One Love is one of Marley’s Coffee’s most popular blends, defined by floral notes and hints of blueberry, cocoa and spices.

It is our recommendation to use our Jura Capresso Coffee maker (http://www.1stincoffee.com/capresso-coffeeteam-ts.htm) when making One Love Coffee. The Capresso uses a top quality heating element that guarantees a consistent ideal brewing temperature (just over 200 degrees) and features a cone filter that provides the best flavor extraction, drawing out that profound cherry finish.

1st In coffee offers a 30 day guarantee, free shipping on espresso machines, coffee grinders, coffee supplies, frothers, Super Automatic Espresso Machines, Jura Capresso Espresso Machines, Jura coffee machines, coffee makers purchased over $50, lowest price guaranteed, sales tax not charged, except in New Jersey.

Contact us toll free at 800.709.8210, if you need more information on any espresso machines, coffee grinders, coffee makers or coffee supplies.

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