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What is it About Italian Coffee?

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By: Kara Mae Adamo

Italians have their thumbs on the heartbeat of the culinary soul.

Rich sauces, savory reductions and zesty seasoning intertwine with the textures and smells of pastas, braised meats and broths to create an atmosphere immediately recognizable and impossible to resist.

Authentic Italian meals—the kind where the salad comes after the meal because it’s a palate cleanser—are finished off with espresso. There is no argument here. It is just a fact. Unless grappa is around (an after-dinner drink that no Italian can rightfully justify), small one-ounce cups of richly complex espresso are set in front of all dinner guests.

A complex and sophisticated medley of pleasantly aromatic and expressive flavor, espresso can be mixed with a touch of steamed milk to create a delicious cappuccino or served on its own.

The ideal blend for those seeking a traditional espresso, Lavazza of Turin, Italy is consideredItaly’s leading espresso coffee company. Known for their technologically innovative roasting technique, Lavazza monitors the entire process by computer. Roasted in air convection roasters, each and every bean is inspected and evenly browned; creating a blend that is rich and full but lacks the bitter flavor found in most espresso. Lavazza blends are made exclusively with Arabica and Robusta coffees, providing a flavor spectrum that ranges from sweet and fragrant to fuller and decisive.

Close your eyes and savor the full, chocolaty flavor of the Brazilian coffee or the delicate and mildly acidic notes from the Arabica of Central America. Lavazza Super Crema Espresso comes in 2.2 pound bags (1 Kilo) and is available in ground, whole bean and espresso pods. Purchase it here: http://www.1stincoffee.com/lavazza.htm

Segafredo Massimo Espresso Coffee Beans fromBologna,Italyhave rich chocolate notes that complement their earthy tones. Sweet and full-bodied, this savory espresso is thick and syrup-like in texture. It is known for its golden, toffee colored crema and smooth finish. Found in cafés throughout the world, Segafredo’s mission is to share the culture of authentically prepared Italian Espresso with the world. Segafredo Massimo Espresso is available in 2.2 pound (1 kilo) bags. Purchase it here: http://www.1stincoffee.com/segafredo.htm

Loosely translated Antica Tostatura Triestina means “Old Roast of Trieste”. Exclusively roasted inTrieste,Italy, Antica espresso is served in some of the finest retail establishments in 26 countries worldwide. Antica Espresso is served in some of the best restaurants and coffee shops inNew York City, and by well known personalities such as Martha Stewart, Mario Batali, Terence Brennan, David Bouley & Todd English. Purchase it here: http://www.1stincoffee.com/antica.htm

Savor our medium roasted Illy Whole Bean Espresso fromTrieste,Italy. Considered the world’s finest espresso, Illy is a dark decaffeinated blend that is medium-bodied and perfect for any time of the day. As the crema seeps into the beverage, it unlocks the subtle aromas and tastes and infuses them into your drink. Illy Whole Bean Espresso comes in packages of six 8.8 oz cans per case. Purchase it here:

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