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5 Snacks That Are Tailor Made for Coffee

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The divine taste of coffee is something that can hardly be matched by any other food or beverage in the world. That being said, there is room for certain foods to complement the exquisite taste of coffee. These foods are commonly known as coffee time snacks. If you have had a long and stressful day at work, and you are sitting down at your favorite coffee place, then having a bite of these coffee complements can revive your spirit and lift your mood.

Perhaps the best thing about coffee time snacks is that they not only complement the taste of coffee, but they also accentuate it. In other words, these snacks get the best out of your coffee and upgrade your coffee experience. If you are a true lover of coffee, then you must also be a fan of the following 5 snacks that go ever so well with your coffee.

1) Biscotti

When thinking about coffee time snacks, think Italian. The people of this country know how to enjoy their coffee better than any other people on planet earth. One of the reasons for that is the amazing collection of coffee time snacks that they have, one of which is the world renowned biscotti. Contrary to popular belief, the biscotto is not simply a fancy Italian biscuit. It is a traditional Italian double baked cake that has a brittle texture, which makes it perfect for being dipped into your coffee. The taste of the coffee soaked biscotti will pamper your taste buds and leave you in a state of pure culinary satisfaction.

2) Dark Chocolate

If your choice of coffee is the latte, then dark chocolate is the perfect side kick for it. When the dark cocoa wears away into the swirling frothy surface of the latte, the rich flavor of the dark chocolate transfuses into the coffee. The final taste is somewhat similar to that of hot chocolate, but the mild coffee flavor takes the taste up a notch and makes it much better than any chocolate drink that you have ever had. People keep talking about Romeo and Juliet, we say that there is no couple more romantic than a cup of latte and a bar of dark chocolate. Sip it to believe it.

3) Cookies

From the young little children all the way to the good old senior citizens, everybody loves cookies. It is perhaps the most common coffee time snack there is, and it also happens to be the people’s most favorite. Any kind of cookie forms a perfect harmony with any kind of coffee. However, butterscotch cookies and chocolate chip cookies are specialties that make your coffee taste better than ever. Make sure you dip the cookie for just the right amount of time. Dipping it too long will cause it crumble and dissolve in the coffee, while dipping it for a second or two will keep the cookie dry and unchanged. You may want to place the cookie on the rim of the coffee mug for a minute or two. The heat dissipated from the mug softens chocolate chip cookies and brings out the gooey goodness in them.

4) Cheesecake

Simply put, cheesecake and coffee is a match made in heaven. The soft creaminess of the sweet and salty cheesecake perfectly balances the strong, sharp and bitter taste of coffee. Out of the numerous cheesecakes that you can order with your coffee, the best one is certainly the cheesecake brownie. As the name suggests, it brings out the best of both the desserts, and gives you an unforgettable coffee experience that you cherish every single time. The chemistry between a cup of cappuccino and a slice of cheesecake brownie in particular is one that keeps your tongue tantalized.

5) Tiramisu

For a true coffee love affair, you are recommended to have the tiramisu with your coffee. It does not get any more coffeelicious than this. Coffee with tiramisu is a delicacy that every coffee lover craves. One simply cannot have enough of this blissful combination. Imagine having a crema topped shot of espresso with a coffee soaked cake. Now that’s what you call living the dream. It’s very easy to overload yourself with coffee and tiramisu, but you must also bear in mind that this snack has high calorie content. That being said, indulging in a few slices of tiramisu with a couple of shots of espresso never killed anyone!

There are plenty of other snacks that you can try out with coffee, particularly the savory ones. These 5 however are the crème of the crop when it comes to coffee time snacks.

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