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Close Your Eyes and Savor the Delicious Italian Espressos Available at 1stinCoffee

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Author: Kara Mae Adamo.

While espresso itself is a cultural tradition that only dates back as recent as the turn of the 20th century, its roots crawl deeper into the soil of history. Fifteen Centuries ago, a goat herder discovered that his goats became excitable whenever they ate the fruits from one of the trees nearby. Curious, he tried the fruit and became energized, experiencing inspiration and clarity. Since then, coffee beans have been sold throughout the world. Since the early 1900’s, that tradition has taken many forms, one of the most popular being that of rich, bitter-sweet espresso.

Each one of our delicious blends is a medley of flavor from several different varieties, creating a premium beverage as complex and sophisticated as it is pleasantly aromatic and expressive. Every individual bean is inspected before being added to these decadent roasts before it is evenly browned, ensuring that each and every one of them adds something delightful unique to your blend.

Sweet and full-bodied, Segafredo Massimo Espresso Coffee Beans have rich chocolate notes that complement their earthy tones. Thick and syrup-like in texture, this savory espresso is known for its golden, toffee colored crema and smooth finish. Segafredo Massimo Espresso is available in 2.2 pound (1 kilo) bags.

The ideal blend for those seeking a traditional espresso, Lavazza Super Crema (Italy’s #1 coffee brand) is rich and full, but lacks the bitter flavor found in most espresso. Lavazza blends are made exclusively with Arabica and Robusta coffees, providing a flavor spectrum that ranges from sweet and fragrant to fuller and decisive. Close your eyes and savor the full, chocolaty flavor of the Brazilian coffee or the delicate and mildly acidic notes from the Arabica of Central America. Lavazza Super Crema Espresso comes in 2.2 pound bags (1 Kilo) and is available in ground, whole bean and espresso pods.

Savor our medium roasted Illy Whole Bean Espresso as the crema seeps into the beverage, unlocking the subtle aromas and tastes and infusing them into your drink. It won’t take long to see why Illy has earned their reputation for being the first choice of coffee experts and espresso connoisseurs. Illy Whole Bean Espresso comes in packages of six 8.8 oz cans per case.

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