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Uses for Leftover Coffee

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We know what many of you are thinking:  what is “leftover coffee”?  Most people know that the best coffee comes from beans that are freshly roasted and used within a certain amount of time.  For those who have not yet perfected exactly how much coffee they can drink before the beans lose their flavor, this can result in a decent amount of unused coffee beans.  Don’t throw them away just yet.  Here are some ways that you can reuse those coffee beans without actually ingesting them:

Car Air-Freshener 

Besides smelling amazing, did you know that coffee has the power to eradicate bad smells?  This blogger discovered a way to keep their car smelling amazing when they accidentally spilled coffee beans all over their car and realized they loved the smell in the car.  With only four ingredients, this do-it-yourself car air-freshener will get rid of those funky smells in your car and replace it with the wonderful aroma of coffee.

Coffee Bean Candles

If you want a fancy display that also gives off the lovely smell of coffee, you should definitely try this coffee bean candle tutorial.  This craft is inexpensive but looks great in any home or office.  Simply purchase a glass vase, ribbon, a candle, and leftover coffee beans from 1st in Coffee.  These candles also make fantastic gifts for others, whether they enjoy the taste of coffee or not.

Coffee Bean Art

There are so many different ways to use coffee beans to make beautiful works of art that your biggest problem will be deciding on which project to tackle first.  Find a local craft store where you can purchase a canvas and get creative!  You could simply paint the canvas white and use a hot glue gun to secure coffee beans in a pattern, or you could get fancier and add an awesome background before arranging the beans.  In the end, you will have some cool coffee bean art to hang up in your bedroom or living room.

Coffee Bean Christmas Ornaments

It’s that time of the year, and do you know what your Christmas tree needs this year?  A coffee bean ornament!  Coffee bean Christmas ornaments can be extremely easy to make if all you are doing is filling up a clear ornament with coffee beans.  Or, you can go the more complicated route and superglue coffee beans to a Styrofoam ball.  The possibilities are endless, and it all comes down to how much effort you want to put into your Christmas ornament.

Storage Jar

Use your old coffee beans by making a storage jar with coffee beans embedded in resin in the lid.  Working with resin isn’t always easy, but this tutorial is a great beginner resin project that anyone can do.  It also only requires three ingredients, and you will end up with a product that looks as though you bought it from a high-end coffee shop.

Coffee Bean Hedgehog

Make an adorable hedgehog out of coffee beans and fill up your house with delightful smells at the same time!  This tutorial makes it easy to follow along and create an animal out of coffee beans, cinnamon sticks, and dried lemon slices.  You can place this little guy anywhere, and friends will wonder where you bought such an awesome-looking display.

Coffee Bean Charms and Necklaces

Some people love coffee so much that they want to take it with them wherever they go.  Now you can with this coffee bean jewelry tutorial.  Make them as gifts for the coffee-lovers in your life, or make one for yourself to show off your love of coffee and crafts.

Coffee Bean Soap

Do you have a friend who loves the smell of coffee but isn’t a big coffee drinker themselves?  Make them some soap infused with ground coffee beans!  This three-ingredient soap recipe is much more simple than the traditional method of making soap (involving lye), and coffee is great for your skin.

Coffee Bean Sugar Scrub

While the coffee bean soap might get you clean, you can take it one step further with some do-it-yourself coffee bean sugar scrub.  Coffee is a great exfoliate and, as long as you have a grinder to grind your coffee beans, you are ready to make this refreshing scrub.  Coffee sugar scrub is easy to make, and also inexpensive, making it a good gift for anyone this holiday season.

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