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1st In Coffee – Regular Maintenance Keeps Your Espresso Machine Investment Humming

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Capresso Water FiltersJust like I’ve got to take my car into the dealership on a regular basis to keep my warranty alive and kicking, I’ve set-up a schedule to keep my espresso machine humming smoothly (keep in mind, each brand will differ in terms of actual usage, so just consult your manual).

 Water filters have the best bang-for-your-buck return.  They keep the machine from clogging up from hard-water deposits which definitely results in a longer life

Plus they don’t cost much upfront, which means less money spent on replacements, which results is more money in your pocket.

Now, if you’ve been complacent in your filter program, you might have to shell out some dollars for decalcifies – these are the formulas that help remove hard water deposits and keep the internals running at optimal levels.  And yes, they are available in non-toxic, biodegradable compositions.  You can usually also get them as part of a Maintenance Kit that provides brushes, descalers and filters.

These are simple and inexpensive methods of extending the life of your Espresso Machine, and in these times, every penny counts.  Besides, the added bonus of utilizing better water through a better-working machine is a way better tasting espresso – and isn’t that the reason why an espresso machine is on your counter in the first place.

At 1st in Coffee we feature espresso machines, coffee grinders, frothers and coffee makers.  We feature the Jura espresso machine, Rancilio silva , Super Automatics, Saeco, Saeco Coffee Machines, La Pavoni, Electra, Pasquini, Isomac, DeLongi, Francis Francis, Nespresso Machine,  Salvatore, Vibiemme and Cuisinart brands.

1st in Coffee offers the finest espresso beans illy and Lavazza.1st in coffee offers a 30 day guarantee, free shipping on espresso machines and coffee makers purchased over $50, lowest price guaranteed, sales tax not charged, except in New Jersey. 1st in Coffee also carries like-new refurbished espresso machines.

1st in Coffee offers the finest espresso beans illy coffee and Lavazza.

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