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What Your Coffee Says About You – Understanding character through coffee

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There are so many different ways to have a coffee, and many people take it very seriously! Even one sugar out of place can mean the difference between a delicious energy-booster and a pile of muck. With so many options, there is something to be said for the way you take your coffee. Are you a one-shot wonder? Or do you like your coffee slow and sugary sweet?

Want to know what your coffee says about you? Read on to see if we nailed it on the head, or if it’s time for you to change up your coffee regime!

BLACK COFFEE Straight and Simple

You are not messing around. You have things to do, and they don’t include spending tons of time decorating your java with unnecessary extras. In your busy world, there is only time to fill it up and go. And that’s just the way you like it.

If you enjoy a simple black coffee, you also appreciate things for what they are. You aren’t messing up your perfectly good coffee with a shot of this or a dollop of that. You appreciate coffee in its most simple form, just like you appreciate all of the other good things in life.

ESPRESSO Single Shot

If anyone enjoys the taste of coffee, it’s you. You love coffee, and coffee loves you. A short espresso means that you like to sit down and take a few minutes to enjoy what’s going on around you, or to enjoy a nice conversation before you’re back to business.

You have a nice balance between the various aspects of your life, and you find time for the finer things to make sure it all stays together.


If something needs to get done, you’re the one to do it. You’ve got a very full, but well-organized and color-coded schedule book, and you’re not afraid to use it. You’re also probably extremely good at working under pressure, as well as working on very low hours of sleep. But, don’t worry, you still look fantastic.

CAPPUCCINO Espresso Mixed with Hot Milk and Foam

You have a hard time making decisions, which is why the cappuccino is the perfect answer. This is the only time when it’s acceptable for you to choose “everything,” as opposed to making a distinct decision. Instead, in go all of the beautiful ingredients you can’t choose between, all into one delicious mug.

A cappuccino also suggests that you’re fun-loving and like to mix things up. You don’t want to take life too seriously, so making your coffee fun and colorful is totally okay with you. Oh, and foam is just an added bonus in life.

ICED COFFEE Espresso Mixed with Cold Milk and Ice Cubes

You see all things in a better light, and you appreciate things from all angles. Your decision to choose the iced coffee is a way of expressing how much you appreciate coffee and all of the ways that it shines. You also have a strong appreciation for all things summer and warm, and you’ll even brave an iced coffee in the wintertime just to remind yourself that it will be warm again soon enough.

FRAPPUCCINO Made with 1/3 Milk, 1/3 Coffee, Sweeteners, Syrup, Whipped Cream and Sauce

Let’s be honest –  you don’t totally love coffee, but this is your way into the illustrious community that the coffee lover’s world is. Generally, the Frappuccino is made with the sweeter things in the pantry, so it’s safe to say that you enjoy the sweeter things in life.

Those who choose the Frappuccino may seem sweet, but they may also be extremely complicated. Approach these individuals with caution, as there may be much more to them under the surface, just like their classic Frappuccino order.

AMERICANO A Shot of Espresso and Filled with Hot Water

You know about the good things in life, but you don’t like to overindulge in them. For you, it’s all about appreciating the small things in a watered down sort of way. That’s why you like to have Americanos, which are easily the most questionable coffee beverage on the planet. (Don’t feel bad; we prefer black coffee, so we’re going to be blunt).

MACCHIATO A Shot of Espresso and Foamed Milk on Top

If you like a macchiato in the morning, then you’re no doubt the middle man in this large pool of coffee drinkers. You understand the urge for a strong cup of joe, but you like to add a little something on the side just to change things up. You have an appreciation for everyone’s preferences, and you know how to make everyone happy.

Macchiato lovers are good people to have around; they’ll keep you from staying in on the couch, but they’ll also sway you from jumping out of an airplane – it’s all about balance.

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