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1st In Coffee – Espresso Machines For Home Office

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Home Office October 27th 2009 Photo.jpg CroppedWorking from home is definitely an acquired skill.  While it may seem like a sweet life not having to get up early, no need for a shower, being able to answer your emails in your pj’s, taking calls with bed-head, etc., etc., trust me when I say, it’s not all that.

For one thing, you are on your own.  I mean alone and on your own.  The entire day.  And while it’s nice to be able to set your own schedule, you have to be extremely disciplined to keep to your own schedule.  The TV’s always a temptation.  You can easily fritter away an entire day just channel surfing.  Talking about surfing, the World Wide Web is a web waiting to entangle you in its mindless maze of lost hours.  And finally, there’s the fridge.  Ouch!  Always there to tempt with promises of comfort, of indulgence, but really just to keep you away from the work at hand.
I recently was able to defeat this final temptation with the help of my trusty Nespresso machine.  I keep it with me in the office.  And anytime I feel tempted for something sweet, something to drink or something to indulge in, I just reach over and start another espresso or latte.  This keeps me at my desk, keeps me feeling satisfied and helps me stay on track with my schedule.

If only Nespresso had crossed my paths many moons ago, I may have actually finished that screenplay I started in college.

At 1st in Coffee we feature espresso machines, coffee grinders, frothers and coffee makers.  We feature the Jura espresso machine, Rancilio silva , Super Automatics, Saeco, Saeco Coffee Machines, La Pavoni, Electra, Pasquini, Isomac, DeLongi, Francis Francis, Nespresso Machine,  Salvatore, Vibiemme and Cuisinart brands.

1st in Coffee offers the finest espresso beans illy and Lavazza.1st in coffee offers a 30 day guarantee, free shipping on espresso machines and coffee makers purchased over $50, lowest price guaranteed, sales tax not charged, except in New Jersey. 1st in Coffee also carries like-new refurbished espresso machines.

1st in Coffee offers the finest espresso beans illy coffee and Lavazza.

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