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Baristas to Follow on Instagram

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Latte art has been around since the late 1980s in America, but, with the arrival of Instagram, it soon became all the rage.  Now, baristas have more admirers of their art than just those who visit their coffee shops.  Check out these amazing artists/baristas on Instagram and give them a follow:

Benjamin William Essex Morrow @ben_morrow

Ben Morrow is a multiple time champion of latte art from Melbourne, Australia and it is safe to say that this guy knows his coffee. In addition to running latte art group classes at Sensory lab QV, Morrow also travels the world to educate people about coffee.  You can imitate the coffee aficionado by picking up your own milk frothing pitcher from 1st in Coffee and trying your hand at latte art.  His Instagram account also features short videos of him making his latte art, and it is fascinating to watch the process.

Esther Maasdam @esthermaasdam

This four-time Dutch latte art champion and Le Meridien barista loves to travel the world to find new inspiration for her latte art, which makes her Instagram account particularly stunning.  To perfect her skills even more, Esther Maasdam has taught coffee courses at a local roaster and studied Roasting, Milk Chemistry, and Brew Chemistry at the London School of Coffee.  Her creations frequently feature fun colors, and this account is worth following for a cultural and artistic source of inspiration.

Nicely Abel @nicely85

Christopher Abel Alameda (known as Nicely to his fans and friends) is a must-follow on Instagram.  The Menottis barista was the Coffeefest World Latte Art Champion in 2010, 2011, and 2012 and likes to add a unique twist on classic latte art designs.  In addition, he happens to have a reputation for being one of the nicest baristas you will ever meet, making it hard not to like him.

Junichi Yamaguchi @junichi_yamaguchi

This Tokyo-based barista is known for his perfect “Ballerina” latte art pattern, which he discovered by accident when he was playing around with patterns.  Yamaguchi is impressive in that he taught himself how to make latte art by simply reading books and watching YouTube videos.  He practiced every day for four years, and we can confirm that his practice paid off.  His Instagram gives us a peek at his global travels where he shares his tips and tricks to other baristas.

Simeon Bricker @simbricks

Simeon Bricker competed in the United States Latte Art Championship in 2014, where he won by creating a dancer, a phoenix, and a seven-tiered tulip in milk foam.  The barista is passionate about all forms of art and is also a photographer, making his Instagram account particularly enthralling.  In addition to the frequent latte art, the professional photos of his family make this account high on our list to follow.

Kazuki Yamamoto @George_10g

While latte art seems to be growing in popularity in the United States, latte art in Japan is much more abundant.  This made it the perfect place for Kazuki Yamamoto to learn his latte art skills, and then put a new twist on it:  3D coffee art.  The barista’s crazy 3D latte art is definitely something to see, which is why we snuck it in here even though he only has a Twitter account to post his designs to.  This artist will have your jaw dropping with his stunning creations.

Jelle Van Echelpoel @belgianbarista

For a taste of latte art from Europe, check out Swedish Latte Art champ Jelle Van Echelpoel’s Instagram account.  Echelpoel once asked a colleague to give him a random number, and then made a 28-tiered tulip latte art pattern based off that number.

Cortney Kern @baristamaniac

In addition to being a talented latte artist, Cortney Kern is also a film director, coffee consultant, and barista trainer.  His beautiful designs have been featured in tons of articles and are incredibly unique.  The latte art featuring the Eiffel Tower is a touching tribute to Paris and the epitome of perfection.  His Instagram account isn’t all latte art, either.  Kern has plenty of fun coffee quotes and other coffee-related snaps to keep you entertained.

Rawirat “Jibbi” Techasitthanet @jibbilittle

Jibbi has more than five years of barista experience and has always placed great importance on the taste of the latte.  However, she began dabbling in latte art and created an animal design in a Macchiato, which she gave to customers and colleagues.  The feedback she got was so positive that Jibbi continued, and now she shares her designs with us on Instagram.  Her swan latte art is particularly intricate and beautiful.

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